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Blocked Toilet in Guildford and Slough Blog |
Different Ways to Unblock Your Toilet

Is your toilet blocked? Are you desperately looking to alleviate the situation for a swift resolution? Here at Easy Drains, we offer an effective service for blocked toilets in Guildford, Slough and the surrounding areas. Our crack team of toilet specialists will get to the bottom of your blocked toilet problem in no time with our array of expert strategies. We offer everything from drain surveys to emergency callouts and are always polite and respectful of your property.

With many years of combined experience between us, we have built up an extensive knowledge of how to unblock toilets and treat sewage and are always happy to advise on the best way to tackle the problem. 

Sometimes, the issue can be quickly rectified, but if it persists, then we recommend that you consult a professional immediately. Here are three common methods to try out:

  • Use a Plunger

  • Try an Auger

  • Soda and Vinegar

Use a Plunger

When faced with a slowly draining toilet, the best way to start is often a plunger. This traditional method still rings true and has saved many a homeowner from calling a plumber. The thick rubber plunger works by creating a seal, which forms a vacuum when properly utilised. The resulting change in pressure is effective at dislodging unwanted obstacles, freeing up the waterway and hopefully encouraging a free-flowing loo.

This is a trusted technique that often yields a quick result when applied to a blocked toilet. If you find that this method has not made a noticeable difference to the situation, then we suggest that you move on to one of the following ideas.

Try an Auger

This is often our tool of choice when it comes to freeing up stubborn blockages. An auger is a custom made cable that is designed to eradicate obstructions in your pipes. It has a corkscrew shaped end that is used to scrape along the sides of the pipe, hopefully getting rid of any obstacles. It is coated in rubber in order to prevent scratches.

You simply insert the cable into the toilet and rotate the handle until you notice a change in the water level. This should mean that your efforts have resulted in a functional toilet.

Soda and Vinegar

Not just useful for simulating volcanic eruptions, the mixture of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar is actually a potent cleansing agent. The froth and fizz of the chemical reaction does wonders for your pipes, getting rid of blockages and cleaning your waterways at the same time.

It is fantastic at removing unpleasant smells and can be used to clean nearly every part of your home. If you would to find out more about our blocked toilet solutions, give us a call today. We are active in Guildford, Slough and the surrounding areas.

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