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Blocked Toilet in Poole & Southampton|
Common Causes for Blocked Toilets and How to Prevent Them

Based in Dorset, Easy Drains is an expert with all kinds of drainage services, including sewage treatment and drainage CCTV surveys. No matter the issue, we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and provide the highest standard of professional care for our clients in Poole, Southampton and across Southern England.

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Blocked toilets are never enjoyable at the best of times and can be inconvenient and difficult to deal with. To help reduce the risk of future blockages, learn to recognise these common causes and how you can prevent them from happening.

Common Causes for Blocked Toilets

Blocked can be the result of multiple aspects. Here are some notable causes for our clients in and around Poole and Southampton to watch out for.

  • Low-Flushed or Low-Pressured Toilets- This may be an efficient way to save water but often low water pressure makes it difficult to flush dirt from the pipeline, leading to avoidable blockages.

  • Hard Water vs Soft Water- Yes, there are two different types of water! This is something that many people aren’t aware of and therefore don’t know the difference between them. Hard water is typically more calcified due to its properties which, when accumulated in the drainage line, make the drain gap shorter for waste to pass through. Only using hard water in your toilet can increase the chances of clogging the system.

  • Unhappy Septic System, Unhappy You- Your septic system is vital to the functioning of your toilet. When the action in the septic system is slowed down, this leads to the non-passing of waste and ultimately, blocked toilets. This can be further hindered by foreign objects in the system, such as baby wipes. 

  • Waste Build-Up- Flushing hair, paper and other foreign objects down the toilet may seem harmless at the time but the accumulation of this waste over time can eventually result in a clogged drain.

Other contributing factors to toilet blockages may include:

  • Old Pipework

  • Installation of S Traps

  • Infrequent Drainage and Pipeline Maintenance

  • Low Water In The Tank Which Causes Lower Flush Pressure

Preventative Measures for Avoiding Blocked Toilets

While Easy Drains is happy to take care of any blocked toilets in the Poole and Southampton areas, preventing the issue in the first place will make your life much easier overall. Here are some measures you can put in place to help limit future blockages.

  • DON’T Throw Toilet Paper in the Flush- This is the most common cause of blockages as paper can get stuck in the pipeline, causing it to not decompose effectively.

  • Update Your Drainage System- Replace old pipework, and identify rusty piping as a sign to change it for newer pipes.

  • Good Maintenance- Similar to the previous point, cleaning your water pipes with suction pumps and toilet cleaners and routinely checking for blockages can improve the health of your drainage system.

  • Use More Soft Water- Decreasing the amount of hard water you use and increasing the amount of soft water is beneficial to maintaining your drainage system.

  • Educating Family Members- Toilet maintenance may not be a common household topic but it’s good to share best practices with fellow residents, especially children who are more likely to try flushing hard objects.

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