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Emergency Drain Unblocking in Southampton and Poole|
How to Cope with a Drain Emergency

It goes without saying that blockages in your sink, toilet or anywhere else in your drainage system are far from desirable. Not only can it be frustrating and inconvenient but can also be distressing and even dangerous, especially in the case of flash flooding. 

Thankfully for our customers across Southampton, Poole and Southern England, Easy Drains provides an emergency drain unblocking service. Our team of professional engineers is on standby 24/7 so that we can quickly respond to any emergency when it arises.  

In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to know what to do in an emergency situation. To help you stay calm and safe, here are some important guidance you can follow when dealing with a blocked drain emergency.

Identify the Emergency

Before calling your local drainage company for any emergency drain unblocking, you should look for the following signs:

  • Water entering your home or garden from anywhere but your piping system. This could be from an outside tap or a rainwater tank.

  • Any water flowing through cracks in windows and doors.

  • Leaking water from anywhere in your house. This includes ceilings, roofs, walls and flooring.

  • You notice any bad smells coming from the drains or sewers.

  • Water unexpectedly appearing in unusual places in your house such as under carpets or on your furniture.

If you spot any of these signs, call us immediately on 0333 939 8773 so we can take care of the situation for you, whether you’re in Southampton, Poole or our other locations in Southern England.

Stop Using the Affected Drain and Cut Off the Water Supply

When you’re having drainage issues, you don’t want to make them worse. Turn off all water sources that could be causing the problem. This may be toilets, taps, dishwashers or washing machines.

Get a Plunger

If while waiting for your emergency drain unblocking specialist you find that the situation is getting worse, you can use a plunger to help clearing out whatever is blocking the drain. When doing this, we recommend that you only push down on one side of the pipe at once so you reduce the risk of further damage.

Remove Your Drainpipe Trap

Your next step may be to remove the trap from your drainpipe. If it’s become clogged with hair or other debris, you’ll need to unscrew it from its place so it can be removed. From there, you can use pipe cleaner or something similar to clear out the remaining waste and flush it away before putting it back in place.

Use a Vacuum

Specifically, if you find that your toilet isn’t flushing, you’re going to struggle to get rid of any waste without removing the seat or lid. Instead, you can use a vacuum to extract any debris that could be blocking your drain. This should clear a path for free water to flow from your toilet bowl into a bucket or outside your home.   

Although these are a few actionable tips for dealing with blocked drains, remember that Easy Drains is here for emergency drain unblocking and other drainage solutions for Southampton and Poole residents. Use the number below to give us a call when you need us.

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Call 0333 939 8773 for emergency drain unblocking in Southampton, Poole and across Southern England.