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How Tree Roots Block Pipes
Blocked Drains and Drain CCTV Surveys in Guildford

Have you noticed that your drains seem to be draining slower than normal? Concerned that there may be a hidden blockage in your drainage system? Tree root ingress is one of the leading causes of blocked pipes in Guildford and the surrounding areas, and Easy Drains is here to help. Based in Dorset, we cover the South East with drain CCTV surveys for domestic and commercial properties afflicted with blocked drains.

Our wide range of services also includes:

  • Solutions for Blocked Toilets

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Installations (Effluent Treatment Plant Installations)

  • Emergency Drain Unblocking and Other Emergency Drainage Services

  • Drain Inspections

The smart choice for clients in Guildford with clogged drains and clogged toilets, we are specialists in handling tree root damage. Here is a quick introduction to how tree roots block pipes.

Why is Tree Root Damage so Common? 

A persistent problem across the country, the older your property is, the more likely you are to find your pipes blocked by tree roots.

As plants thrive on water and nutrients in soil, a sewage pipe provides both in great quantities, attracting inquisitive roots and feeding the tree with a consistent supply of water.

Our drain CCTV surveys frequently pick up small- to large-scale root blockages in drains across the Guildford area, and our team members often find themselves removing roots from blocked drains during routine repair and maintenance work.

Easy Drains also installs quality sewage treatment plants.

How Do the Roots Get In?

From our drain inspections, we find that tree roots tend to enter drainage pipes through tiny cracks and joints in the pipework. Although the breaches may seem inconsequential, even the smallest fissure can be the inroad a tree root needs to access valuable nutrients.

Once they have infiltrated the drain, the root will swell in size in order to absorb as much water as possible. 

You may notice a gradual decrease in draining speed across your household, despite having checked all the interior piping.

Tree root blockage can end up causing blocked toilets, and you may even need emergency drain unblocking services due to an overflowing toilet bowl.

What Can Be Done?

Using mechanical machinery, such as augers, Easy Drains can provide a no-dig solution for tree root blockages, avoiding disruptive excavation work. 

We remotely shave away any roots before fitting a resin-impregnated sleeve to prevent any future intrusion.

Available in the Guildford area, our drain CCTV surveys are the best way to rectify blocked drains without digging up the affected pipe.

Our services also include emergency drain unblocking, sewage treatment plant installation and fixing blocked toilets. No matter whether we’re working on clogged drains, clogged toilets, effluent treatment plants, emergency drainage services or anything in between, our team are committed to the highest standards of workmanship.

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