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Sewage Treatment Plants in Poole & Southampton|
Benefits of Installing Your Own Sewage Treatment Plant

As a professional drainage company, Easy Drains serves customers in numerous locations across the South of England. Whether you’re in a city or town, like Southampton or Poole, or you’re based in the more rural areas of Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey, we supply high-quality drainage solutions to keep you happy in your home. This may include helping you resolve blocked drains in an emergency plus other more routine services. 

One of our more popular services in remote locations is the installation of domestic sewage treatment plants to help with customers who are disconnected from the mains drainage system. 

View our gallery to see examples of our installed sewage treatment plants. 

Many rural homes function on septic tanks. However, given our industry experience, we believe a sewage treatment plant is a more future-proof option for your home. Here are some key benefits that demonstrate why this is the case.

  • 1. Comply with the Latest Government Regulations
    With the introduction of the UK government’s 2020 General Building Rules, homeowners who don’t adhere to the regulations and contaminate the environment with their household sewage could face a steep £100,000 fine. Upgrading to a new domestic sewage treatment plant will help ensure you comply with the regulations and we at Easy Drains will work closely with you to ensure everything is up to standard.

  • 2. Greater Efficiency than Septic Tanks
    While septic tanks may be the popular option for residents near Poole and Southampton, an on-site sewage treatment plant uses a mechanical system that pumps oxygen to the microorganisms, making for more effective wastewater treatment. Because the treated effluent is of higher quality, it can be discharged into flowing water and can prevent blockages if released into a soakaway while also being less of a safety risk for human health.   

  • 3. Better For You and The Planet
    Investing in a sewage treatment plant is an investment in favour of the environment. Sewage treatment plants are a more environmentally friendly choice because:

  • They don’t emit harmful ammonia into the air.

  • Following treatment, 95% of contaminants are removed from the discharged non-polluting effluent.

  • The recycled water from your treatment plant can be used in your garden.

  • Has the potential to be used as green bio-energy.

  • 4. A Simple, Cost-Effective Waste Management Solution
    Any sewage treatment plant installed by Easy Drains in Poole, Southampton and nearby areas is done so via a quick and logical process and can be installed discreetly underground with minimal odour production. Although they may have a higher initial cost, domestic sewage treatment plants prove to be cheaper to run in the long term. Small wastewater treatment systems such as this come with extensive tank warranty and can be run for 3 years without needing to be emptied, saving you money on maintenance costs compared to other methods of wastewater treatment that must be emptied on a more regular basis.

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