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Sewage Treatment Plants in Southampton, Guildford
and the Surrounding Areas

Are you aware of the new 2020 regulations around septic tanks and sewage treatment plants? Need your septic tank assessed to determine whether it is still legal? Here at Easy Drains, our Poole-based company provides a full septic tank inspection and replacement service for domestic and commercial clients in Southampton, Guildford, Slough and the surrounding areas. With over a decade of experience, our time-served team of drain specialists carries full public and employer liability insurance.

To read reviews from satisfied customers in the wider South East, please visit our testimonials page.

We install brand-new sewage treatment plants, or effluent treatment plants, in line with the 2020 regulations. Able to offer quotes on site, we can arrange for your tank to be:

  • Emptied on Site

  • Removed From its Current Location

  • Replaced with a GRP Tank

  • Replaced with an Effluent Treatment Plant

Help With New Regulations

With the new legislation that came into effect in 2020, septic tanks are now no longer allowed to discharge into surface water, in an effort to reduce water pollution.

For many properties situated off the main sewerage network, this means an overhaul is needed to avoid attracting a significant fine from the environment agency.

We will survey your existing tank to check if it is the appropriate distance from any water sources and will assess the condition of the filtration system. Our sewage treatment plants will last for decades with proper maintenance.

Our team finds that many clients in the Southampton, Guildford, Poole and Slough areas have tanks that no longer comply with the current specification, which can become a major issue when trying to sell your property.

Easy Drains provides a fully certified replacement service, and we offer reasonable quotes on-site.

A Full Replacement

If your septic tank has not been cleaned recently, we are happy to arrange a full emptying service. We take care of the excavation and removal process, and then either add a new tank or a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant.

Able to safely reconnect pipes to ensure a smooth flow, our GRP fibreglass tanks are much stronger and more durable than traditional brick models, and they are preferred by the environment agency.

Easy Drains will always present our clients in Southampton, Guildford, Slough, Poole and the South East with full certification upon finalising the installation.

Ideal for supplying to estate agents or prospective buyers, a certificate proving your waste-processing system meets regulations is an extremely attractive asset for a house unconnected to the main sewerage system.

What is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

A sewage treatment plant (STP) is a system that cleans wastewater before it is discharged into the environment. This prevents health and environmental risks.

Treatment plants clean sewage more thoroughly than a septic tank. They have an air pump that circulates air inside the chamber to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria, which effectively cleans the wastewater by breaking down contaminants. Thanks to the vastly improved quality of the effluent, it can be discharged directly into a watercourse.

STPs come in various sizes to suit the needs of your property. They require an electricity connection to power the air pump.

Maintaining Your Sewage Treatment Plant

Treatment plants are easy to maintain with the right care and professional services.

The following are key aspects of keeping your system in good condition:

  • Don’t flush wipes, sanitary items, cotton buds or similar down the toilet

  • Don’t put fat, oil, grease or food down the drain

  • Get your treatment plant serviced once a year by a professional

  • Get the plant emptied at the required intervals

You can use many normal household cleaning products with a sewage treatment plant. However, you should avoid disinfectants, bleach-based antibacterial products and corrosive products.

A service from a specialist will make sure all parts of your treatment plant are working properly and that there are the right levels of microorganisms for it to work effectively.

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