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How to Unblock a Toilet
Emergency Drain Unblocking and Blocked Toilets in Southampton

Are you experiencing clogged toilets or clogged drains? Unsure of the best method to get it back up and running again? Our drain specialists at Easy Drains are well aware that toilets can become blocked quite easily, and that no one wants such an unpleasant inconvenience on their hands. Based in Poole, we are available across Southampton and the South East with a range of general and emergency drain unblocking services. We fix blocked drains, conduct drain CCTV surveys and install sewage treatment plants.

Blocked toilets can often be solved with a few simple methods, such as:

  • Plungers

  • Warm Water

  • Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda

Each method is very effective, but do not hesitate to call a professional if you are wary of causing further damage.

Taking on jobs from commercial, industrial and domestic clients, we are trusted in Southampton and the surrounding areas. From emergency drainage services to drain inspections and effluent treatment plants, we always have your best interests at heart.

Use a Plunger

A tried and tested method of unblocking clogged toilets, a simple plunger is often all you need to rectify the situation. By placing it over the outlet pipe, you create a seal, which leads to a vacuum being formed.

By pulling and pushing in a regular motion, you should soon start to see results. Any small or partial blockages will be dislodged and flow away through your drainage system.

When all home methods are ineffectual, we recommend that clients in Southampton contact a professional for emergency drain unblocking. Easy Drains also undertakes drain CCTV surveys as part of our drain inspections to get rid of stubborn blockages.

Try Warm Water

You should never pour boiling hot water down any drains, so warm or hot water is the best option for this method. We suggest using this technique for partially blocked toilets, as you need room in the bowl to add extra water.

Hot water, along with washing up liquid, can more easily dissolve any fat or grease that has become lodged in the U-bend than cold water. 

Quickly pour a couple of litres of hot or warm water into the bowl and repeat several times, alternating with a plunger. This hot water method is also great for blocked drains.

Easy Drains is a regional expert in emergency drainage services and sewage solutions, and we also install excellent sewage treatment plants (also known as effluent treatment plants) for the Southampton area.

Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda

A familiar combination from school science classes, mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar is actually a potent cleaning technique for clogged drains.

All you need is to add a half-and-half mixture of the two ingredients to the toilet bowl, around a hundred grams of each, and then leave it to react with the lid closed for half an hour.

This should clean away any partial or full blockages in no time and is a non-toxic cleaning solution that has been used for centuries.

Active in the Southampton area, we fix blocked drains and blocked toilets, replace sewage treatment plants, perform drain CCTV surveys and provide emergency drain unblocking services.

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